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Project Reclamation Podcast

Feb 18, 2019

Episode 55: False Idols
Part I

In this episode we discuss false idols, and false prophets, more specifically, the dangers of putting your faith, loyalty, beliefs, and energy into following potentially dangerous motivational, political, and even spiritual leaders.

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Feb 11, 2019

Episode 54: Biohacking

In this episode, JB and Tim wade into the shallow end of the pool of what they call Biohacking.  What is biohacking, what are some of the different categories within the biohacking world, and what are a few of the “biohacks” worth looking into and maybe even giving a try. ...

Feb 4, 2019

Episode 53: Silver Linings Boot Camp Round 1

In this episode, we introduce some new segments….in the form of fun games that give you the chance to see just how ridiculous and hilariously, twistedly moronic Tim and JB’s minds truly are.  We explore some strategies of how to start conversations,...