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Project Reclamation Podcast

Feb 26, 2018

Episode 4: Exercise

In this episode, we dig into the importance of exercise.  We discuss exercise in it's broad definition, and dig in to some specific types and schools of thought of exercise, and discuss if there is a perfect exercise, or a magical formula for finding the right exercise for you.

0:30 Cross Fit

Feb 19, 2018

Episode 3: Diet

In this episode, we discuss the importance of Diet, the difference between diet, and diets, and discuss some popular fad diets and what the magic formula is for finding a diet that works the best for you.  

0:30 Tent City

Feb 12, 2018

Episode 2: Motivation

In this episode we discuss motivation.  What is motivation?  What are our motivations, and how do we keep ourselves motivated?  And we reach into our experience and knowledge vault, and share any tips we've learned on how to keep yourself motivated and how to motivate others.

5:00 JB's favorite,...

Feb 4, 2018

Episode 1: Meet the Tripod

In this episode, you get to meet the Tripod (JB, Tim, & Steve).  We explain what the purpose of Project Reclamation is, why we decided to start it, a few origin stories and little peak into who we actually are.

4:05 The Past Can Hurt

13:00 Meet the Tripod